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Everybody needs a break sometimes. Holidays aren't just good for the soul; they can actually have positive effects on your physical and mental health. Studies have proved that a much-needed getaway from the pressures of daily life can lower blood pressure, boost serotonin levels, help you sleep better and reduce stress.


But booking a holiday can sometimes be stressful in itself. You want to make sure that you get the break you deserve at a price that's not off the charts and just relax when you get wherever you're going. Holiday Beast takes the stress out of planning your trip by bringing all your options together in one place.


Holiday Beast is your one-stop shop to find cheap holiday deals. Whether you're after city break holidays, country escapes, cheap holiday packages or anything in-between, Holiday Beast will do the legwork and find the best low-cost holidays to suit your lifestyle and pocket.


We collect deals from the top UK holiday providers and publish them on our website, so you don't need to look anywhere else.

Holiday deal packages (hotels and flights)

It all adds up. From flights to transfers and accommodation to food and drink, you’ll often find yourself wondering what you spent all your money on when you get back from your holiday. Do you really want to be paying off that credit card for the next 20 years just because your holiday expenses went overboard one time?


Sometimes going with a packaged deal just makes sense. Make one all-inclusive purchase and you’re done. From sandy, sunny beach breaks to icy arctic exploration; safaris to scenic Highland distillery tours and romantic getaways to family-friendly resorts; there’s a package deal for every taste – no matter what your flavour is.


Ready-made package holidays mean that you know what to expect, right from the word go. People choose package deals because there’s great peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of and they offer great value at reasonable prices. Browse Holiday Beast’s cheap holiday packages from all of the UK’s best providers and breathe easy knowing that you’re getting the best deal – without overextending your finances.

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Depending on where you’re going, airfare can be the biggest expense of the trip. Expensive flights can even leave you unable to book your dream holiday in the first place. Flight prices don’t have to be crippling, though. Comparing the latest flight deals from all the airlines out there competing for your fare may just tip the scales in your favour.


You don’t have to be part of the jet set to travel by jet. We have cheap flight deals landing daily. So, don’t spend a fortune on your fares. Compare deals from top airlines on Holiday Beast.

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Wherever you’re going, there are often so many hotels to choose from that picking one – and finding an affordable rate – can seem like a tall order. Whether you’re looking to stay in a luxury high-rise apartment or an affordable motel, you’ll find the right option here.


If you want an affordable hotel wherever in the world you’re going, Holiday Beast, is the perfect place for you to compare hotels and rates and find accommodation that’s comfortable – for you and your cash flow.


Accommodation is a major part of your holiday or business trip expense, but you can ease the blow on your budget. There’s really no need to blow the bulk of your cash on the place you’re going to lay your head to rest every night. Browse and compare now to find the temporary home away from home that will work best for you.

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Whether you’re planning a dream safari in the Serengeti or want to tour the misty Carpathian Mountains, finding a reputable and affordable tour provider is the key to making the experience everything you’d ever hoped.


Just type in your search criteria and take your pick from the widest selection of tours and excursions in the UK. Low-cost holidays are not just the stuff dreams are made of. They can be very real if you just take a moment or two to compare your options. Find the tours and excursions you’ve dreamt about here.

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