holiday in marrakech morocco

7 Nights in Marrakech from £184 | Hotel with breakfast + Flight

by sansey
7 nights
Marrakech, Morocco
30.08 – 06.09

Very low price for a 7-nights holiday in Marrakech, Morocco. Flight from Liverpool and hotel with breakfast can be booked for:
-£184 per person (2 stars hotel with great opinions).
-£194 per person (4 stars hotel with great opinions)

Package info:

  • Flight with RyanAir from Liverpool
  • Stay in 2 or 4 stars hotel with breakfast included (for 7 nights)
  • Hand luggage is included into the price of the ticket (please check with airlines for more info)

Holiday in Marrakech, Morocco

30.08 – 06.09
From £184
Price per person
Great Offer

Please note: the holiday package suggests trip for 2 people.
Total: £368/2 = £184 per person (with 2 stars hotel).
Total: £387/2 = £194 per person (with 4 stars hotel).

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flight to marrakech morocco from liverpool

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hotel in marrakech morocco 2 stars

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hotel in marrakech morocco 4 stars

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