Laganas Nightlife – UPDATED 2021 – Best Clubs In Laganas

Pretty beaches on a sun-drenched island, exciting events and enjoyable nightlife! If this is what motivates your idea of the next holiday, Zakynthos is the perfect destination for you. Zakynthos or Zante is a highly popular holiday destination for those who want to party hard with friends or enjoy some moments alone.

The best party spot across Greece, Laganas is famous for its colourful nightlife and is visited every year by groups coming from different parts of the world. Young, lively crowds head to Laganas in summer and party all night.

Laganas is the heart of Zante and an excellent destination for those who would like to have a holiday filled with everything – beach, sun, sea and dance. In this post, we take a detailed look at the nightlife of Laganas to help you learn what you can expect. We also discuss the best clubs, bars, restaurants and events in Laganas you can enjoy during your visit to the island.

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Laganas Nightlife – UPDATED 2020

Picking Zante for your next holiday is a wise decision as it gives you the opportunity to visit the heaven of party lovers. Moreover, the island is just three hours distance from the United Kingdom.

Visitors coming to Zante can not only enjoy poolside parties on the beach during the day but also experience some amazing club events in the night. Another reason Zante is the best holiday destination is the value for money.

You can find really cheap return flights from the UK with online travel sites that offer deals on villas, hotels and apartments.

The Laganas Strip

Laganas nightlife is all about the street full of clubs, bars and pubs standing side by side up to where your vision reaches. This street is called the Strip and it also has a lot more like hotels, tattoo parlours, food eaters, gypsies, promoters, balloon girls, excursion shops and more.

There is so much you can see along this street and that is what makes it so exciting. The moment you arrive at the Strip, you realize that you will be having a great night.

You can get in and out of a number of bars and clubs as they are all free to enter and you can even find some cheap drinks.

There are no organized bars as the entire Strip is a big bar in one way. You can find people from across Europe and bars throbbing with light and music. The Strip is where you spend all your holiday nights until the sunrise.

It would likely become your second home. Before you explore the entire 3km street, you find your favourite club, bar and shops. The nightlife is found within a kilometre towards the bottom of the road leading to the beach. This means you can explore the nightlife within 10 minutes by walking.

The Laganas Strip is located in the Laganas resort to the south of the island. It is only 15 minutes drive from the airport. During the day, the Strip is a different scene. If you are energetic enough after the night’s activities, you can enjoy mini-golf, go-karting and escape rooms. At night, you have more than 50 places to choose from, each offering its own style and music. The biggest of clubs hire world-class DJ stars to entertain the crowd.

Laganas Club Events 2020

During the peak season in Zante starting from June, you can see many night clubs offering events. It is that time of the year when all the clubs and bars along the Laganas Strip are open for business. Visitors head to the island from around the world for partying.

The weather is perfect and the entire resort feels so vibrant and fresh. It is that time of the year when students come to party after their exams, Swedish girls can be seen dancing in the bars and waitresses are eager to please the guests.

You can enjoy DJ Nathan Dawe at Plus Club on Fridays nights in the season. Rescue Club hosts Joel Corry each week and there is a Foam Party at the Zero’s Club. Sizzle Club offers The Ultimate Party every Thursday night.

VVIP Sunset Yacht Party

Focusing on music and alcohol, the boat party held on a 3-tier yacht is something to experience in Zante. VVIP is about enjoying a night in a floating club with DJs and artists like Nathan DaweNot3sBru-C and Danny T.

You can expect some special guests from around the world along with world-class musicians and artists to get the party started. This party is held once a week in June and you will find ticket sellers on the streets.

Zante Paint Party

This event is held every Monday night in June. It is a mad party where you can expect a lot of mess. You can experience things like paint in your drinks, topless girls and the MC getting everyone involved.

See that you don’t wear good clothes or carry anything valuable. This party is certainly for those who like the thought of getting covered in paint. The paint is water-based and gets washed off easily.

The White Party

Held at the most exclusive places in Laganas, the White Party is the biggest event in Zante and hosted for over 14 years. In 2019, 2500+ people had attended the party in white and the MK on the decks had rocked it.

You can expect an amazing atmosphere with the production set that includes dancers and artists from across Europe and fire cannons.

Best Clubs In Laganas

Laganas is famous for clubs and can’t be missed. They are generally grouped at the middle and bottom of the Strip and identified with smoke machines, bright LED lights and bubble machines. It is said that you can identify the Strip from the space as there are so many clubs and bars the nightlife offers. You can locate the best clubs in an area of 3kms.

Laganas has a great mix of clubs so if one music genre does not excite you, there is no need to go far to find another. And when there are live events, you experience a different atmosphere.

Rescue Club

A super club in Zante, Rescue is home to some of the biggest events throughout the year. It is a night club you can’t miss when you are on a night out on the Laganas. It charges no entry fee so you can see a crowd of people coming from different places in the world.

It is a huge operation with a massive club and lively front bar. It is always a great place to dance because they have some top-class residents and international DJs.

Plus Club

Located at the beginning of the Strip, the Plus Club always offers a holiday vibe with great music and dance. You can see girls heading to the bar and dancing to entertain guests. You can enjoy a great view of the Strip with the VIP terrace ticket.

Pair it with a bottle of Ciroc or Absolut to take your nightlife to the next level. Plus Club hosts some of the major events in Zante every year and is known for the Nathan Dawe Tour and Danny T Paint Party.


A Super Club in Zante, Zeros accommodates more than 1000 people at a time. This is why it hosts some of the main events in the resort like the Rain Party and the Foam Party. The staff is good and guests are offered many free shots.

It has one of the best DJs in the island. It is located at the center of the Strip and features a lively bar, making it the top spot to party.

Waikiki NightClub

Highly popular among Zante workers, this club is quite swanky. It is a penthouse at the bottom of the Strip with a queue outside it and opens later at night. Entry is free but you get some cheap drinks at the greeting.

Waikiki is an amazing destination to take a break from the commercial, daily music you have been hearing. It is a club where everybody spending the night at the Strip ends up. It focuses on hip hop and R n B music.

Cherry Bay Beach Club

It is a club you would not want to miss on your trip to Zante. It is a true icon of the island with a queue of people entering into it every night.

You can dance all night to some of the songs and anthems from the 80s. They have skilled DJs who get the crowd involved. And there is a speedboat you can get into and dance.

Best Bars In Laganas

The Laganas Strip is lined with bars right from the beach up. These bars offer so much for everyone; from Karaoke to dentist chair and leave no chance to get bored. You can choose from the cheapest to the most premium spots as per your budget and desires. While there are plenty of options, here are the top recommendations to try.


One of the most popular bars among visitors is Sugar. It is not a busy place and the staff is courteous. They also offer some great shots to get your night started. They host amazing DJs and you can enjoy a nice dance party for the perfect night out in Laganas.

DJs here play house music every night and guests enjoy premium beers, cocktails, shots and more. They are also offered alcopops, promotional drinks and offers. Sugar bar also lets you enjoy your favourite sport on a large screen. It provides the perfect holiday atmosphere on your trip to Zante.


Located right before the Strip, G-Spot is popular as the iconic drinking spot in Zante. It is a bar where any good night in Laganas starts. You can get a seat at the sofa or table and enjoy classy drinks and ambience to make the mood for the night.

G-Spot offers an extensive cocktail menu with some of the most amazing drinks including Martini’s, Mojitos and Daiquiris. Beautiful waitresses and bartenders would help make your mood. It is also a great destination to spot celebrities.

Three Lions

The home away from home for all the sports enthusiasts visitors, Three Lions is a cocktail and sports bar in the Strip. At this bar, you are served only the top-shelf, best-standard drinks. If you visit Laganas during a Championship or World Cup, you will certainly not want to go anywhere else. They have been around since 2006 and perfect in almost everything. The banter is on point, the beer is always cold and cocktails are as big as the screen.


The biggest pre-club bar in the lively resort, Fishbowl opens regularly during the season. It offers a live DJ each night and world-class bartenders to give you the best place to hang out with friends and enjoy a night out. The specialty includes world-famous fish bowls filled with cocktails of your choice. You can have them in sizes of small, medium, large, jumbo and ultimate. Visitors say the music at this bar is the best in Laganas.

Rescue Top Bar

Situated in the heart of the Laganas Strip, the Rescue Top Bar offers a blend of tranquillity and decency. It is a premium-quality spot with top-class cocktails. You can head to this bar when you no longer want cheap drinks and crowded floors.

Get into the luxurious bar, take a seat on the sofa and enjoy lively scenes as you relax. Entry is free but drinks are expensive though all the expense is worth as you get a lovely place to chill for a while.

Indie Bar

The rooftop bar is quite popular in Laganas and a main attraction at the Strip. It can ensure a wonderful time for anybody. DJs play music from The Smiths, Oasis and the Kaiser Chiefs. This means it is a place that does not bore you with the same top lists played every hour.

It offers a lively atmosphere with well-designed podiums on which you can expose your best moves. Another great thing about Indie Bar is the dentist chair. If you are partying for your friend’s birthday, he can be compelled to sit on the chair as a bottle-full of alcohol is poured into his mouth.

Hotels In Zante Laganas Near Nightlife

Zante is full of hotels near the nightlife. There are many party hotels and most of the rated hotels offer a lively atmosphere visitors are after. Here are some of the best hotels in Laganas that give you quick access to the nightlife.

Dados Hotel

Located off the main Strip, this hotel is near the beach. You can get to the Strip in 5 minutes. It is a luxurious place with an amazing atmosphere, a bar and music.

It offers a big pool and sun loungers. Rooms are good-sized, clean and as per the standards. You can get a pool facing room and enjoy your holiday at the bar with a cocktail.


TZante Hotel

A great place right on the main Strip, this hotel is just a 2-minute walk to the beach. One of the best party hotels in Laganas, TZante keeps you close to everything from clubs to the beach. You can chill by the pool during the day and head to the Strip at night.

Air-conditioned rooms open out on a balcony. This property is at a walking distance from most shops, cafes and restaurants.


Zante Atlantis Hotel

Offering an outdoor pool and a restaurant, this property offers all the facilities you would need for a great holiday. All the rooms get a balcony, TV, refrigerator and kitchenette.

You also find a 24-hour desk, bar and hot tub. Couples like this hotel and rate it over 8. There are different types of rooms available to choose from.


Ikaros Hotel

This beach hotel offers an excellent accommodation opportunity with air-conditioned rooms and facilities. It offers a 24-hour reception, car parking and a restaurant. Located at just 5-minute walk from the main Strip, this hotel is a great choice for visitors seeking nightlife.

The beach is 300m away and the airport is about 3km distance. Each room has a telephone, bathroom, fridge, balcony and radio. Guests can relax by the big pool with sun loungers and play outdoor games in the sports complex. The pool area hosts entertainment programs regularly.


Karras Hotel

One of the best picks in Laganas, Hotel Karras is just 10 minutes away from the clubs and bars. In just 5 minutes, you find lots of small bars before reaching the Strip.

It is only 300m away from the beach. Rooms are air-conditioned and feature balcony, shower, TV, refrigerator, view to pool or resort.

It offers a huge swimming pool with umbrellas and sun loungers. Guests can play games at the snack bar beside the pool. It is an amazing place ideal for couples and families.

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