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Greece is one of the most visited countries in the world, welcoming close to 20 million visitors each year. The country is home to a number of exclusive resorts on its mainland and its dozens of secluded islands on the Aegean Sea. Here at HolidayBeast, we update new holiday offers to Greece all the time. To find latest cheap holiday to Greek islands and mainland, visit our Greek holidays offers page.

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Why you should go to Greece

Greece has always been a travel destination. From its rich history and unique architecture, to the gorgeous, endless views of blue water backed up against stone white huts, Greece is popular among many different cultures. Here, we’ve listed our top reasons why you should experience Greece for yourself, along with the best time of year to travel there!

The food

If there’s anything Greece is known for, it’s for its fantastical devotion to food. From vegetables to oils, fish to desserts, there’s something for everyone in Greece to try. A classic dish of Greece is the dolmadakia, or stuffed grape leaves. While you may have had these in your local neighborhood before, you haven’t truly tried them until you’ve tried a genuine Greek stuffed grape leaf.

Finding yourself in Santorini? Make sure to take a bite of their tomato fritters. These domatokeftedes combine tomatoes and basil with shallots and mint to create a unique flavor that is truly Grecian in style.

If you’d prefer to sit at a café and take in the sights on a slow morning, partake in ellinikos. This Greek coffee is a very specific blend and ground that can be tasted the moment the mug hits your lips. Pair it with an amygdalota Greek almond cookie, and you’ll have the perfect café combination.

The sights

No matter your reason for traveling to Greece, there is something for you to see! Obvious famous spots include the Acropolis in Athens, Santorini, and the Greek Islands. But did you know Greece has so much more to offer? If you’re feeling brave, hike up the summits of Meteora and discover the historic monasteries perched at the top. For nature lovers, Zagori has perfect access to national parks, hillsides, and mountains, along with a hiking path to Vikos Gorge. If a party is more of what you’re after, Crete is a bustling metropolis on one of the islands that has a wonderful concoction of old and new. Enjoy coffee outdoors, or watch the city come to life at night with striking colors and lights.

The culture

Now, onto the meat of this trip – the reason you came to Greece. You want things to do! Luckily, Greece has an incredibly vast and rich history, with beautiful landmarks to last. Popular spots include the Acropolis in Athens, ancient Olympia, or Delpi, the once-called center of the world.

Not a huge history buff? Don’t worry! There are plenty of modern experiences in Greece as well. Enjoy family-style meals with strangers who will easily become friends at the vast number of restaurants, or partake in the celebration of Pascha, an Orthodox Christian holiday celebrated around the time of Easter that includes a ton of socializing and partying. A deep dive into the culture may include experiencing the different dances and festivals that differ just from town to town! There’s something for everyone to enjoy in Greece.

The lodging

Greece offers a variety of different places to stay! Amirandes Grecohotel in Crete is a perfect choice for those who love modern, minimalist architecture and infinity pools (60 private pools are housed in this hotel alone!).

Grace Santorini is also an excellent choice if you want the true tourist experience; the view this hotel offers alone may convince you to never return home. This boutique hotel only has 21 rooms, and they fill up quickly, so make sure if you want to stay here to book early.

Want to be closer to the people and the culture? Consider staying in an Air BnB! With their new Plus Verified system, you’ll be guaranteed a gorgeous living space situated right in the middle of the daily life of a true Grecian.

When to book your trip

Your mouth is watering over the food, you’re imagining yourself laying in an infinity pool and dancing with beautiful Grecian goddesses – but when do you go!?

Generally speaking, the best time to go tends to be in spring to early summer (or mid-April to June), when the weather isn’t too hot, and the prices aren’t too high in anticipation of tourists (Plus, you’ll be there just in time for Pascha!). Early fall is also a good time to take in the Grecian sights – this is also grape harvesting season, so you’re guaranteed to have the best tasting wine during this time!

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